Gigi Hadid Street Style

Gigi Hadid is not only an incredible model, she’s also a fashion designer ! She designed a collection with Tommy Hilfiger and it slayed. I love her style, it’s very cool but she makes everything also girly with her crop tops. Gigi is a big inspiration, because she acts like a normal girl and she has the best clothing. She also refuses to stop eating McDonalds for her career, what makes me love her even more !  Gigi is more popular than ever, she walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last year, she has an own fashion line and she stars in a lot of campaigns. Here are some pictures, that prove why she is so popular.

gigigGigi Hadid and Yolanda Foster Out in NYCgigiggiiggigigigigigigiggigigiigigiiigigiiiiigigiiiiiii


Daily Skincare Routine

I pay a lot more attention to my skin lately ! I have a new skincare routine since a couple of months and it works really good for me. I recommend all the products I use and you should definitely check them out !


 In the morning



When I wake up the first thing I do is wash my face with the Garnier face wash. This face wash is for oily skin so I only use it in my T-zone because I’m only oily in that area.



The rest of my face is a bit dry so I use another face wash for the rest of my face. I use the cleaning mousse from Nivea. I really like the face foam because it feels really nice on the skin ! After I washed it off  I pat my face dry with a towel.



After I washed my face I use my cream so my skin gets hydrated and it isn’t that dry.



In the evening



When I go to sleep the first thing I do is remove my make-up with my make-up wipes from Neutrogena that I bought when I was in a Target on vacation last year.


I also use my 2 face washes again so I’m sure all the make-up is really gone.



After I washed my face and all the make-up is gone, I use my Camomile Toner from Clarins. I love this toner it helped my skin a lot, it removed a lot of blackheads !



1/2 times a week I use a mask, lately I’m using this peel-off cucumber mask from Freeman. It’s really good for your skin, because it makes it really soft and it’s a deeply cleanse !


Naamloze tekening-2

Kendall Jenner | Street style

Everyone knows Kendall Jenner, she’s the most famous model of the moment. She’s not only well-known for her appearence but also for her great sense of style, millions of people adore her style including me. She often wears oversized coats which I absolutely love. She dresses really casual, but sometimes she just wears something really special that catches everyone’s eyes ! I love her  clothing and I wish I had her closet ! Here are my favourite outfits of her.


Kendall Jenner Shops with Friends in West Hollywood


Taylor Hill | street style

Lately I really like fashion and I love searching some inspiration for outfits. Mostly I look at pictures on Tumblr or Pinterest. Sometimes I look at pictures of celebs, with the Paris fashion week there were a lot of pictures of stylish people who went to the fashion shows. Of course everyone was better dressed then on normal days and the streets of Paris were full of people with clothes you can only dream off. I wanted to do a new series of the street style of some fashion icons in my opinion. For this blogpost i chose the new Victoria’s Secret Angel : Taylor Hill. I think she’s one of the most beautiful angels ! I think her style is amazing, it’s very all-day/ casual but it’s also very chique and trendy. Here are some pictures of outfits of her I like.

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